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14 Elegant & Professional Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are one of the most beautifying decorations for homes. Due to its numerous variety, as we will see later, these countertops adapt to any environment, giving a unique and pleasant touch to any style of decoration.

Let’s not forget that quartz is one of the most beneficial materials when choosing countertops for your spaces. Due to the nature of the mineral, quartz is durable and requires less maintenance compared to other materials. They are also resistant to harbor bacteria and are already sealed, so liquids like water do not affect the material.

Next, we will introduce 14 types of quartz countertops, which are so versatile that they can be adapted to beautiful and creative designs, due to their different colors and patterns. You can go ahead and jump to the 14 types of quartz by clicking here.

01. Black Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops
Black Quartz Countertops in Kitchens

Black quartz countertops are an avant-garde choice for kitchens and dining room countertops. Its dark tone gives the environment a feeling that inspires professionalism and highlights the details. With the correct lighting, these countertops enhance the smallest details of the mineral from which they are made, giving it even more elegance than they already provide to the place.

For people who love minimalism, this option can help you start your environment while maintaining a serene and calm look & feel, which by their nature can be easily combined with different types of decoration. You can see more details by clicking here.

02. Classic Quartz Countertops

Unlike black countertops, classic quartz countertops are more maneuverable as they can fit into almost any type of environment. Whether warm and cheerful or cool and calm, these quartz countertops can create both professional and family settings.

Quartz Countertops

One of the characteristics of this and other types of quartz is that its durability is extremely greater than that of other options on the market such as granite or marble. Due to the way in which they are naturally constituted, they are resistant materials that last over time more easily.

03. Craken Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops
Craken Quartz Countertops Designs

One of the most unique and artistic styles has been given by the cracked quartz countertops. These are highlighted by the brittle lines that expand throughout the quartz, which makes this mineral a favorite among decorators.

They also have different color patterns that make it adaptable to many environments, without losing the modern and highly decorative touch that it provides to the space. To see all the possibilities, click here.

04. Ecollection Quartz Countertops

For nature lovers there are the Ecollection quartz countertops. These minimalist countertops combine with an ecological and naturist decoration, adaptable to many environments since quartz of this type is formed in different pastel colors.

Ecollection designs

Its presence in environments provides the feeling of tranquility and harmony, being a useful option for home spaces and kitchen countertops. A true unification with the environment is achieved in open spaces such as terraces.

05. Graniglio Quartz Countertops

By the nature of the mineral, quartz can occur in patterns that mimic other common materials. In this case, the Graniglio quartz countertops are able to imitate the pattern that granite countertops follow.

Granite countertops typically have around 50% quartz combined with other soft minerals. This makes them easier to break and they can absorb water or store bacteria, so they lose a lot of durability.

Category Graniglio

The quartz countertops maintain a rigid structure that does not absorb liquids and lasts longer over time. You can see here that Graniglio quartz countertops are presented in different patterns that go beyond the world of possibilities that granite gives.

06. Inserti Quartz Countertops

Inserti Category
Inserti Quartz Design

Another artistic option is given by the Inserti quartz countertops. These countertops feature lines that branch out and hide throughout the quartz so that no two tops of this style look identical.

Their unique style makes Inserti quartz countertops a perfect material for environments of high artistic value, as they highlight the decorative elements of the place to make a greater impression on visitors.

07. Kstone Quartz Countertops

Also similar to granite, Kstone quartz countertops provide an option that further enhances the purity of the beautiful details that quartz provides. Its appearance reaffirms the hardness and durability of the mineral, while remaining an attractive option for decorators.

Kstone Category
Kstone Kitchen

These countertops are adaptable to any environment, and can be used for minimalist designs or artistic styles that marvel at their originality.

Despite resembling granite, these countertops do not lose the characteristics and benefits of quartz when implemented in environments. Its resistance over time and hardness qualities make this material require little maintenance and always highlight the beauty of the mineral.

08. Marmo Quartz Countertops

Another option for granite lovers are the Marmo quartz countertops, which, having lighter colors, allow the lighting to be beautifully reflected. This option is a favorite for floors that are popular in many places as they match all types of environments.

Designers prefer this type of quartz as its versatility makes it useful for creating creative spaces without losing a pleasant feel. In addition, these quartzes are resistant to staining or scratching, so they are a better option than granite for your spaces.

09. Marmorea Quartz Countertops

Marmorea Category
Marmorea Quartz

This new category is so similar to marble that you can hardly tell a difference. However, marble is susceptible to stains and scratches, which is why Marmorea quartz countertops are a better option to achieve that look & feel of marble.

Unlike marble, quartz does not absorb liquids and does not need to be sealed or polished, so its installation and maintenance costs are considerably reduced. It is also true that marble can be stained by acidic foods such as lemons and harbor bacteria, something that quartz does not suffer from due to the nature of its mineral formation.

10. Materia Quartz Countertops

For those looking for dark and professional colors, Materia quartz countertops are a good choice for them. They are extremely strong countertops that can be used for work or enjoy.

Materia quartz countertops give a minimalist touch to the environment that make it look modern and pleasant. If you want to see more about these quartz countertops click here.

11. Micro & Micro + Countertops

Another minimalist design is given to us by the Micro category for its flat colored surfaces. These quartz countertops give us the full potential of quartz hardness and do not require any sealing or polishing processes, making them an excellent choice when looking for durability and avant-garde style.

Micro +
Micro + Quartz spaces

It is also noteworthy that the Micro + category is resistant to storing liquids or harboring bacteria, making it safe and reliable for interior designers to use. You can see these categories in the following link.

12. Native Quartz Countertops

This next category is similar to marble surfaces, but with all the benefits of having quartz, which is more durable and resistant to water or other liquids. This type of quartz is usually chosen in spaces with a lot of vegetation or inspired by nature.

Its colors and surface patterns evoke an ecological and practical environment. In addition, they are perfectly suitable for open spaces as they are resistant to liquids and do not need much maintenance. These quartzes do not require polishing or sealing.

13. Oro Quartz Countertops

Oro Quartz spaces

The colors that quartz comes in are magnificent and this category makes it very clear. Gold quartz countertops enhance the beauty of quartz for its pure and clean color. Due to the properties of the mineral, this category does not require polishing or rigorous sealing, which makes it pleasant to the eye for a long time without having to worry about maintenance.

These countertops are perfect for lovers of the beauty of nature and simplicity. Their patterns are minimalist and can be easily adapted to bright spaces. You can appreciate this special quartz here.

14. Terrazo Quartz Countertops

Our last category is not far behind the others. Terrazzo quartz countertops are by far the best option for exterior tops. Its design is original and unique, with all the benefits of a good quartz countertop.

Terrazo example

Its hardness and sustainability over time are considerably higher than any other material (such as granite, wood or marble). They are water resistant and require little maintenance. Unlike the other materials mentioned, its surfaces do not store bacteria or germs and are safe to share meals or pleasant moments with other people.


In conclusion, quartz is the most recommended mineral when building and designing spaces. Its high variety makes it versatile for all types of environments and its mineral properties make it the most resistant, sustainable and easy to maintain material that is used today.

Quartz needs no sealing or polishing procedure to get the most out of it, unlike other materials that need hard work to keep them in good conditions. Also, liquids or bacteria will not degrade in any way your quartz countertops.

If you are more interested about the quartz properties that make it the best material for your designs this article will help you understand all the advantages and disadvantages of using this beautiful mineral.

Want to know more about the different types of quartz or are interested in seeing them? You can access our collection or contact us.

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